Through Samsung's advanced technology, the XGEO GU60 lowers radiation exposure, while maintaining a higher level of imaging. Its Real-time monitoring ensures high-level performance.
The ultrasensitive FPD (Flat Panel Detector), developed based on Samsung Electronics outstanding TFT technology, features proprietary ALDAS (Advanced Low Dose Amorphous Silicon Sensor) technology which improves patient safety and the reliability of the diagnosis by acquiring high-resolution images with a very small amount of radiation.
The compact, light-weighted, and portable detector will provide a better medical environment by improving user convenience and the efficiency of work.
Outstanding Post Image Processing Technology ALCOS (Adaptive Local COntrast Stretching) is an outstanding post image processing technology that automatically determines suitable image conditions depending on the target body parts and tissues.
This proprietary technology provides qualified images for diagnoses by applying high resolution image contrast and edge sharpness enhancement functions. Users can acquire more accurate imaging data at a faster speed, which ultimately leads to a highly productive medical environment. Flexible U-ARM XGEO GU60 is universal arm-type equipment that can easily be adjusted to scan various parts of the patient.