SAM – the Student Auscultation Manikin is an innovation in teaching and learning heart, lung, and bowel sounds. SAM’s brand new computer software interface includes Case Videos, a Real Sound Library, Echo Cardiogram Videos, and ECG Waveform for heart sounds. Case Videos contain patient and clinical interactions for various conditions. Users can watch a video and practice listening to the SAM for a life like simulation. Users can also create and save their own case videos. The Real sound library contains sounds recorded from live patients. Echo Cardiogram videos associated with various heart conditions are recorded from live patients. An ECG waveform is displayed with various heart sounds to
help identify S1.


- Includes Case Videos

- Real Sound Library

- Echo Cardiogram Videos

- ECG waveform for heart sounds

- New and easily navigable software program

- Brand new manikin look

- Lightweight and Portable

- Students use their own Stethoscope

- Large Library of Sounds

- Carotid Pulse

- Phonocardiogram

- Smart Classroom/Auditorium Ready

- Lesson Guide Included

- Sam Online Site License included